Essential Tools for Gardeners


Hand Tools:

  • Hand pruner
    • Used mostly to chop branches and stems.
  • Hand rake
    • The soil manipulation tool. You can use it to smooth out the soil, remove weeds, or turn your soil s an mini tiller.

These are the most essential hand tools. If you can I would look into also getting a hand weeder and gardening scissors.

Long Handled Tools:

  • Bow Rake
    • Surface level soil tool.
    • Mostly used to level your garden, but can also be used to rake debris from your garden, making it better for the plants.
  • Digging Fork
    • Used for soil below the surface of your garden.
    • Use digging forks to loosen, lift, and turn over soil.
  • Round headed shovel
    • A means to dig out weeds or stumps.
  • Water hose
    • Always include a hose to the list.
    • This is the most essential tool. It brings water to your plants.
  • Transplant spade
    • It has a narrower, square head to dig nice trenches for you garden rows.
  • Water wands
    • This will save your back and water.
    • Focuses on the areas that only need watering.
  • Pruner
    • Long handled
    • Helps to tend to hard to reach places of the garden, especially tree branches blocking the sun light.
  • Gloves
    • Of coarse your going to need these.
    • They protect your hands from getting scratched up.

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